European Summit of Ethical Consumption
Datum: 19. Juni 2015 - 21. Juni 2015
Ort: 53103 Bonn
Veranstalter: Christliche Initiative Romero (CIR) e.V.
Aktivität: Konferenz

Together for a world in balance

The summit's language is English.

To everybody who wants to change the world! You are not alone! Even if sometimes your efforts feel like a drop in the ocean – we believe, just like you, that we can achieve a lot together. We are convinced that it is worth to start changing the world: take first steps with projects and initiatives that grow and make a big impact.

With the “European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption” the I Shop Fair Project wants to bring together young people, their ideas, worries, initiatives and projects raising awareness of ethical consumption. The consumption patterns of individuals, youth groups, sport clubs, communities and entire cities have strong impacts on the global production and working conditions. It is no secret that these are often unfair, dangerous and literally crying out for improvement – especially in the “Global South”.

The I Shop Fair Campaigners believe in young people’s boundless range of bright ideas to develop initiatives for a fairer world in a creative way. That’s why we want to encourage you to show, share and exchange your own ideas with other young people from all over Europe! Use the chance to network, to get inspired and get new ideas.

In workshops, panel discussions and talks we share our ideas and reflect on how to change the world regarding awareness of ethical consumption and sustainable ways of living. The summit addresses all young people, students, activists and multipliers from all over Europe, interested individuals, groups and initiatives, youth group leaders etc. who are interested in ethical consumption.

A registration for the summit 2015 is necessary.


Engagierte aus Deutschland, Österreich, Polen und Malta